The Tabby by Sam4s is a very unique product that provides a POS option at an incredibly affordable price. Unlike all other tablet systems, the Tabby is completely standalone and provides you with the stability and reliability of a standard cash register system without monthly subscription fees or even an internet connection to use! Since the software was written by the same people who designed some of the worlds most popular and widely used cash registers, the transition from a traditional register into the Tabby is an easy one. Tablet savvy operators can be trained in just minutes!

Additionally, the Tabby is a completely standalone device which means it works on just about any browser capable device including (but not limited to) PCs, Android Tablets, iPads, and even the Kindle Fire. Here at Cash Register Sales, we even have a full android touch POS terminal for an affordable POS option.

The Tabby is a perfect fit for any small quick service restaurant, food truck, or gift shop but that's not all it's capable of! Swing by today to see the Tabby for yourself or call us for more information.