Microsale is a powerful point of sale system that offers incredible versatility, detailed record keeping and reporting and hundreds of features perfect for any business. Paired with our unrivaled, prompt and personalized services, Micro$ale from Cash Register Sales and Service is everything you need to help put your mind at ease. Below are some of the key features of Micro$ale, but it barely scratches the surface of what it is capable of doing. Call us to schedule a demo if you'd like to see more! Also, feel free to browse the Micro$ale website!

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Key Features - Bar/Restaurant

  • Quick Bar - Allows for fast cash bar transactions and also enables the bartender to save tabs. Credit Cards can be swiped when the tab is started to SAVE the card information for up to 24 hours in the event the customer leaves before a tab is paid for.
  • Smart Tax System - Smart tax enables bars to sell their items for a 'tax included' price without having to do the math yourself or worrying about the occasional penny over or under. You can program items to be $3.00 but the tax is automatically calculated so that you don't have to! Stop overpaying sales tax and let Micro$ale help you!
  • Timed Events - Automatically change prices for happy hour or reduce prices for specific items for weekly specials. Time events can also be used to allow discounts only on particular days for certain items, making it easy to track your discounted sales more effectively. Perfect for happy hour!
  • Time Clock - Micro$ale comes stocked with a full time clock system that allows employees to clock in and out and even supports multiple job codes for various levels of pay. It also calculates overtime weekly or daily! 
  • Simple Price Shifting - Micro$ale makes it easy for the bartender to ring up various sized items like Half/Whole subs or Rocks/Shot/Mixed drink glass sizes for liquor. 
  • Server Audits/Reports - Individual reporting allows you to run your business in a cashier environment, server banking environment, or a hybrid. Don't let server mistakes cost you money! 
  • Reservations - Save reservations and automatically email customers a confirmation.
  • Virtual Wait List - Record customer names and party information as customers wait for a table. Micro$ale will even provide average waiting times.
  • Table Layout - Use a full colored, full featured table layout to virtually see your tables and track their activity. Works great with the virtual wait list as the host/hostess can check to see what phase of dining tables are at to better see potential waiting times on tables.

Key Features - Quick Service/Pizzeria

  • Phone Orders - Receive information direct from your caller ID, save customer names, addresses, special instructions or even their previous order. This allows you to maintain a closer relationship with your customers, giving you a competitive advantage over your competitors.
  • Frequent Diner - This optional function allows you to apply point values to items so that loyal customers can receive a coupon as a reward for their next visit.
  • Automatic Delivery Charges - Micro$ale will automatically apply a delivery fee to any delivery transaction and can be programmed to apply this fee directly toward the driver's tips. 
  • Driver Assignment - Are you a high volume delivery/take out restaurant? Micro$ale has the features you need to assign orders to drivers, track their sales and tips earned and even get directions! At the end of the day, the driver can pay for all his deliveries or you can pay before/after each delivery is made. It's up to you, but Micro$ale has all the tools for whatever way you do it!
  • Auto Discounts - Do you have lots of combos or specials? Auto Discounts can allow the cashier to ring up the items as ordered and Micro$ale will detect if any of the items match a combo's criteria and automatically apply a discount. 

For More information on Micro$ale, click any of the links above for more information pertaining the business that best fits you.