The Sam4s SPS-2000 is a powerful and simple cash register and point of sale hybrid. With the 12 inch Touch Screen allows for full function of the system which promotes ease of use and fast input for transactions. Designed for quick service and reliability with no points of failures this powerful cash register is ready to handle anything.  With the ablilty to have customized PLU menu screens and having over 5000 PLUs stored this cash register is good for retail outlets, food trucks, cafeterias and more!

The Sam4s SPS-2000 is perfect for restaurant environments, coffee shops, and quick service!

  • Fully network capable, allowing you to connect multiple machines to consolidate reports and make changes to your items from one machine and download changes to all other machines automatically.
  • Touch screen display is perfect for storing functions, having PLU Menu keys or condiment menus. Additionally, voiding is as easy as touching the item on the touch screen receipt display and pressing void.
  • Allows for dual cash drawers.
  • Scanning capable with 1000s of PLUs!
  • Store orders on a tab and recall later. Perfect for phone orders or bar tabs!
  • Capable of integrated credit card & gift card operation with optional EMV Pinpads as well.
  • Inventory Stock allows you to enter in 'In Stock' quantities for a simple inventory tracking method. Reports can be issued to show what items are low or out, making reordering easy.
  • Time and Attendance capable as well, to keep your employees hours in check.