The Sam4s ER-900 Series register is the a powerful cash register ready to handle any task you send its way! It is the perfect machine to fit the needs of a small local bars or small bakeries. Retail environments also benefit from it's high item capacities and scanning capabilities. Come on in to check out the ER-900 today or give us a call if you have any questions. Below are just a few key features that make the ER-900 a great addition to any business.
  • Raised Keyboard can hold upwards of 21 PLU/Department keys. And can be custom-made into single keys instead of double keys to make room for more PLU/Departments!
  • Supports most popular peripherals (scanner, scale, remote printer, etc).
  • Dual Printers provides customer receipt AND continuous journal.
  • Supports integrated credit card & gift card payments with the optional EMV pinpad.
  • Sleek Black case and drawer made with durable plastic and steel.